Advertising and Product Photography Price List

For many years, photographs have been used in various industries, as it is a great way to capture important moments in life or to showcase a particular brand's products. Perfectly taken photographs can certainly be an effective promotion for a company, so it is worth ensuring that the implementation is outsourced to professionals. What does the price list of advertising and product photography depend on? Check it out!

Each order is priced individually. The prices given are minimum amounts and depend on factors such as: the type and number of products, the number of shots or the field of exploitation of the photo (Internet / Print). For all realizations we issue vat invoices and individual license.
All prices are given in net amounts

Minimum order value - 200 PLN

Product Photography/Packshots

A product photo, or packshots, is a photograph of an item usually taken against a white background. Sometimes such a product can be photographed against a background of a particular color or arranged with some additional element to emphasize the character of the product. Professional packshot, is often a complex process consisting of several stages. The basis of a good photo of this type is to set the light so that the background in the photo is white and the product has clear contours. Common and popular shadowless tables don't quite work in professional photography, where, for example, bright products merge with the background, requiring rather tedious cropping in Photoshop.

Stippling, as it is also called cutting from the background, is one of the steps in the production of packshots. A product looks best when the background around it is perfectly white and the edges of the product are clear and not blurred, so a good packshot is stippled and subjected to graphic processing. Graphic processing, is usually an improvement in color, contrast and retouching of pollen and blemishes on the product. More advanced techniques include combining several photos together, computer-assisted captioning, adding reflections or shadows, correcting the shape of the product, etc. Thus, the price for packshot depends on the type of product, interference during the postproduction process (photo processing) and the number of products to be photographed. See sample photos, where you can see the different effect at different stages of production.

from 25 PLN packshot basic

Additional fees guide prices

from 3 to 10 zloty - ironing of clothes

from 10zł focus stacking

In addition, the final price is greatly influenced by the size of the objects that will be photographed. The degree of complexity of processing. The material from which the product is made, such as glass glossy steel materials The final price for this type of photo (mainly for advertising purposes) can be at the level of 1000 zł.

  • Basic Packshot
  • PLN25
  • Packshot Product Photos.
  • - Photos with basic retouching
  • Packshots
  • PLN50
  • Product Photography
  • -Product Retouched Photos
  • -Accurate color reproduction of products
  • -Products retouched and cleaned of any flaws
  • Premium Packshots
  • PLNfrom 100
  • -Pictures of products requiring focus stacking (jewelry, watches)
  • - Products subjected to thorough processing including molding
  • - Retouch any product imperfections

Product photography price list

When deciding to work with a photography studio, it is important to keep in mind the prices, which can vary in terms of the service chosen. The most important price that builds the price is the number of photos you order to be taken. In our company, each order is priced individually, with the proviso that the minimum order value of the service is 200 zlotys. In addition, the value of packshot, or product photography also depends on the complexity of the product. The more transparent or reflective it is, the more work must be put into perfectly capturing it in the photo, and this will undoubtedly translate into costs. It is also important that the products to be photographed arrive at the studio in perfect condition, i.e. without creases or in intact packaging, which nullifies any graphic corrections. Product photography is increasingly combined with image photography, which translates into the presentation of the company's services and products.

In addition, packshot photos give the impression of being very simple to take, because all you need is a product placed on a white background. However, these are appearances, because product photos are heavily digitally processed to cover up any flaws and show all the strengths of the product.

Why can't product photography be explicitly priced?

As you know, each service is priced individually, and product photography is almost essential if we want to reach the largest possible audience by presenting our products in the press or on social media. As you know, man is a visual person, so he will notice everything, especially in the first contact with the product. This allows him to judge whether he is interested or not. It takes a huge amount of time to take one picture of product photography, so if a photographer offers a suspiciously low price, you can be sure that the pictures will be taken with poor quality equipment. Product photography also applies to clothing or jewelry, where prices can be much higher.

Publicity photos

Product photos in the arrangement

Advertising photography, that is, photos whose main purpose is to show the product in an arrangement in a natural setting. Arranged photos. Photos for advertising banners photos for websites to attract the attention of the viewer. Photos In which we use additional props, photos dynamically from the splash of liquid water.

From 70 PLN

Fashion Photography

Photos with model/model

Marketing on the Internet relies heavily on visual impressions delivered to the customer. This is especially true for certain products - such as clothing, footwear or accessories. These are items that none of us wants to buy "blind"!

To show customers all the strengths of your product, it's a good idea to present the clothes not only in a standard packshot sequence, but also in a natural setting - on a model.

Photos of clothing on models and/or models

Clothing photography is one of the professional services provided by Glam Studio. We will present the products you offer in the most attractive and at the same time fully realistic way, taking into account as many details as possible.

We take photos showcasing clothes, which are perfect for lookbooks and other fashion platforms. The details of the order are decided by our clients: we use white or color photographic backgrounds; we work in the studio, outdoors or any other location indicated by the client. We carry out advertising sessions designed to illustrate sales catalogs.

We work with trusted model(s), but we can also conduct a casting specifically for your company. We take care of preparing the necessary documents related to image sharing. We provide our clients with an approximate price list for garment photography, which may vary depending on the type of order.

Fashion photography - price list

The price of such a service starts at 70 PLN. Additional charges (e.g., for ironing clothes) range from 3 to 18 PLN on average.

Clothing Photography

Ghost photos

This is ideal for companies that want to show the entire range of their collection in a uniform way. E-commerce, as an extremely fast-growing sector of commerce, is governed by its own rules, so it is good to properly adapt your business for online sales. Thanks to us, your offer will visually gain attractiveness and convince many consumers.

Product photography of clothing

Glam Studio provides professional apparel photography for businesses. We take photos on a ghost mannequin for e-commerce stores, which are much less expensive than traditional model or model collaboration. This type of session is now used by many popular online sales sites, but smaller brands are also interested in it.

It is, of course, possible to opt for both options in order to meet customers' expectations and comprehensively present your store's product offerings. Photos on a ghost mannequin can be interspersed with shots of the same clothing on a model. You can also use a photo session with a model or model for advertisements or banners, while you will mainly post ghost product packshots using a mannequin in your online store.

Clothing photography - price list

The price of this service usually starts at 50 PLN and is individual for each order. Possible additional costs may be charged, for example, for ironing clothes (approximate price is 3-18 zlotys).

Jewelry Photography

Online nowadays we buy almost everything - not only clothes and shoes, but also minor accessories, even custom-made ones. The growing popularity of the e-commerce industry makes customers eager to buy bracelets, pendants, earrings and even...engagement rings online!

Product photography of jewelry

This is a very specific form of photography due to the relatively small size of the product and the large number of details. Professional shots of gemstones and other intricate ornaments often require knowledge of appropriate techniques (such as focus stacking) and high-quality equipment that captures the fine detail of all the components.

At the request of our clients, we take aesthetically pleasing and extremely realistic photos that are perfect for sales catalogs, advertising banners and social media campaigns.

Jewelry photography - price list

Prices for services in this category are usually around 50 PLN. Write to us to get all the details about your order.